Realmz Escape Game review: Curse of the Mummy

Realmz logoIn brief

Location: Morley, Perth
Date played: 28 February 2016
Players: 3 (Realmz recommends 2-5)
Hints: Unlimited via walkie-talkie
Escaped: Yes!

Our rating: Review 4 and a half locks

The most immersive and immaculately presented room we’ve played. You’ll curse yourself if you miss it!

A tomb you won’t want to escape from…

Escape Room Hunters @ Realmz
Escape Room Hunters @ Realmz

Ancient legend tells of a great and almighty pharaoh who’s transcendence into the afterlife was prevented by invaders from the North. The high priests were over thrown and disgrace brought upon the temple before the royal guard were able to fight back and forever seal the temple for its protection. It is believed the great pharaoh was trapped between worlds for eternity, placing a curse upon the temple. No explorer to venture into the tomb has ever come back alive and sane.

It is believed that the one to bring honour back to the pharaohs name and complete his transcendence into the afterlife shall be granted wealth and power beyond their wildest imaginations. Many have tried to uncover the secrets and reveal what great treasures lie within, but only one such man has ever come close. Upon receiving a diary owned by your great, great grandfather you find clues that reveal that he was such a man, and so begins your journey to uncover the truth surrounding this great mystery.”

Realmz Escape Game first made their mark on Perth’s nascent escape room scene in 2015 with a booth at Supernova, a pop-culture event similar to Comicon. And what a mark they did make! Even just seeing their photos on social media of glowing hieroglyphs was enough of a tease to gain some attention.

Curse of the Mummy is an incredible room. Stepping inside feels more like walking onto a movie set than into an escape room, and the technology driving this immaculate experience is seamless. Money doesn’t appear to have been an issue to the game designers, and their background in special effects, animatronics and movie props has been put to good use.

The story is strong, and works brilliantly with the surroundings and the puzzles you need to solve. It is clear what you need to do next, and the way the room is designed makes you feel like you are playing your role in a movie. There aren’t lots of puzzles, nor are they the most inventive or difficult puzzles we have come across, but they fit the tomb theme exceptionally well and contribute to an immersive experience.

While the room is exceptional, the rest of the venue is a bit ‘ho hum’. A bit of effort in the reception/waiting area would add to the excitement of what’s to come. Some structure and formality in our briefing would also have better prepared us for our experience.

Realmz have done a sensational job in designing Curse of the Mummy. It is unlike any room we have ever played before and provides to most immersive experience we’ve had. We are eagerly awaiting their second room! If you live in the West or are planning a visit to Perth, make sure you book in at Realmz – you’ll be cursing yourself if you don’t.

The breakdown

Behind this rather plain door is one of the most amazing rooms we've stepped into.
Behind this rather plain door is one of the most amazing rooms we’ve stepped into.

Puzzles: Review 4 locks

Curse of the Mummy is built around one core puzzle that looks so incredible and is so much fun to interact with that you’ll wish all rooms contained puzzles like this. Technology and computers drive everything here, so there isn’t always that tactile feedback you usually get from completing each puzzle. That’s ok though, as the tech wizardry responds quickly and the rooms makes it clear when you’ve cleared the hurdle. It’s a tight experience and doesn’t leave you guessing as to whether or not you’ve got things right or wrong.

The puzzles aren’t particularly challenging, and one of them didn’t make much sense to us: we knew what we needed to do, but it didn’t really make sense why we were doing it or why the correct solution was the one it was. On the whole, though, the puzzles hit the right level for a room with a short 45 minute time limit.

Atmosphere: Review 5 locks

Incredible. Detailed. Movie-esque. Jaw dropping. Those are just a few superlatives we could employ to describe this room.

Stepping into this room is like stepping onto a movie set. It’s a really fun space and is beautifully finished with incredible details. Of course, the most immersive setting for Curse of the Mummy would be an actual tomb with carved stone walls, but that’s a little far-fetched for even the most ardent escape room fan. Realmz have done a sensational job of turning this little warehouse into their version of an Egyptian tomb, kitting it out with robotic props, game-style sound effects and full-body puzzles. Wow.

Customer service: Review 3 and a half locks

Our host was rather pleasant, but the experience out of the room wasn’t as great as what we got in the room. Curse of the Mummy is so incredible that it might not matter to you all that much, however we found our briefing a little haphazard – an audio intro to the backstory started without much warning that it was coming (we thought he was playing with the computer) – and the reception area and waiting room is very bland. We know you don’t go to an escape room to sit and admire their waiting area, but with such an immersive and beautifully dressed room, we can’t help but feel Realmz could do a little more to make the rest of their space a magical and enjoyable place to be.

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About Realmz Escape Game

Finding escape room venues is often as challenging as some of their puzzles. Realmz is certainly no different!
Finding escape room venues is often as challenging as some of their puzzles. Realmz is certainly no different!


Realmz opened their single room, Curse of the Mummy, in 2015. Their second room is expected to open sometime in 2016. To find Realmz, once you reach the address, keep an eye out for the small sign near the car pack and head through the brickwork arch towards the back of the building to the big blue door.

Unit 4, 63 Russell Street, Morley WA 6062


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