Rush Escape Game review: Lost in Paradise

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In brief

Date played: 19 April 2015
Players: 2 (Rush Escape Game allow 2-6)
Hints: Unlimited via walkie-talkie
Escaped: Yes!

Our rating: Review 4 locks
A great puzzle-solving adventure for escape room beginners.

Stranded in paradise…

Atoll island in the ocean

Dreaming of an island paradise? (Atoll Island by Christina Spicuzza / CC 2.0)

An island paradise. Or so you thought: you find a note from a rescue party searching for shipwreck survivors, and the news isn’t good. The locals have a penchant for enslaving interlopers, and if you don’t get off the island soon, they will catch you.

Lost in Paradise is a great experience for escape room beginners. There is an abundance of puzzles to keep morale high, and there’s a good mix of easy and hard clues. Although we played with 2, it’s easy to see a larger group having a lot of fun being stranded on this island. The clues fit the theme really well and are hidden in clever and relevant locations around the room. Be thorough in your searching!

On the whole, the puzzles were great. We ran into a couple of troubles though, with two mechanisms not working as planned due to a suspected power surge (see below). That is something that can’t be controlled, so lessons learnt all round. However, another clue was written in a way that suggested the method of obtaining a code might not always work, and we needed outside help to progress past that point. We can’t help but think that if a puzzle is known to be faulty, the best course of action is to fix or replace the puzzle, instead of explaining where it could go wrong in the hint while hoping it doesn’t.

Rush Escape Game are a great venue and Lost in Paradise is a good, solid room. Don’t head to a Pacific Island for your holiday, give your brain a run and get lost here instead.

Our team after succeeding at Rush Escape Game.

Success at Rush Escape Game.

The breakdown

Puzzles: Review 3 and a half locks

You won’t get bored while stranded on this island – there’s heaps of puzzles to solve. They’re mainly a mixture of logic and math clues, most of which are easy enough to keep your spirits up with a few curly ones thrown in.

It appeared as though there were some nice tech tricks that helped supply with you with numbers with which you needed to get into locks, but we couldn’t experience them as there was a glitch during our game. The weather in Melbourne wasn’t particularly flash, and we were informed at the end of the game that there was a power surge which through things out of whack a little bit. As a result, we didn’t get the full impact of those elements of game design, while the set-up bits to these clues left us scratching our heads as we misinterpreted the results of our actions.

Atmosphere: Review 4 and a half locks

It’s hard to turn a room in Melbourne’s trendy South Yarra into a deserted island, but the team at Rush Escape Game have done a great job. Room dressing, lighting, soundtrack and props make you think you’re in a clearing on a jungle-covered island. Cicadas chirp in the background, lizards and snakes hide among crevices and plants, ramshackle structures, barrels and chests salvaged from a shipwreck conceal clues. Well done.

Customer service: Review 4 locks

Rush Escape Game are a chirpy bunch, even at 10am on a Sunday. The puzzle fun starts before you even walk in the door, and the staff navigate us through the waiver and briefing maze skilfully. When it’s time to head down to the room, though, we’re told to go first – down the corridor, door at the end and into the middle of the room. It’s a polite thing to do, but the room is quite dark and one of our party walked into a locked chest before our eyes had adjusted. It also took us ages to find the torches and scenario-notes as they were next to the door and in a semi-enclosed structure. It would have been handy to have been told about the torches before we were left to our own devices.

About Rush Escape Game

Rush Escape Game opened their doors in December 2014 and have two rooms on offer – Lost in Paradise and Da Vinci Down Under – with Mission: Possible opening soon.

Suite 4, 230 Toorak Road, South Yarra VIC 3141

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  1. Milla Checchi says:

    Nice Post. very interesting. Is there anyone to help if someone is in escape room and feeling uncomfortable?

    • Hi Milla, thanks for your question. Rush Escape Game provide a walkie-talkie so teams can get hints, and this can be used if someone is feeling uncomfortable. However, the door is not locked, so people are free to leave at any time if they’re not feeling great.

      How do you manage those situations at your escape room venue?

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